Oct 5, 2013

Sweet Like Chocolate



Chocolate sculpture

Chocolate art

Plane from "Confi-choc"
Batiment des forces motrices, Genève

Salon International des chocolatiers et du chocolat took place this weekend in Geneva. I went this morning to have a bite. The exhibit was quite small, but there was plenty of taste possibilities to give me an overdose of chocolate (of all kinds: truffles, liqueur, hot chocolate...)

A stand that stood out was Honold, from Zurich. They offered so many different spices, colours, textures, and shapes of chocolates.  They had lemon flavoured jetons, with a popping sensation in your mouth, which was a surprise. There were also filled chocolates with alcohol, coated in a blue metallic powder. 

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  1. I love these Sweet Chocolates. Very nice post

  2. I was there too. I love chocolate. If only it did not have that many calories. And the dark one is not that fun. Plus I like the one with nuts and almonds. Even worse. LOL. Check out my blog too. http://evageneva.com